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 Petco: where the happy pets go my ***

I was recently in petco and I wanted to turn around and RUN!

first, when I went to the fish department no staff was there so that was a little odd. but I looked in the tanks and saw tanks that needed to be quarantined. I saw drops, fin rot, it and fungal growth left and right. fish were feasting on the decaying bodies of others. Oscars which are normally playful where sullen in a corner. it was terrible, not to mention the ever present smell of ammonia.

then, there was the reptiles. they sold things some adults would reconsider buying like red and blue iguanas which where babies but being kept in five gallons nonetheless. half the herps didn’t even have food dishes, at first I thought it was because they where mice eaters, but fbts and red iguanas are not mice eaters. the bps didn’t have ANY water bowls or foggers and the fbts where seeking moisture under the filthy water tub. the turtles made me want to cry, two of the five where dead and had white filaments growing off of them. all in all, petco is NOT ever going to be supported by me or any of my animal loving friends until they clean up their act, they are as low as walmart when it comes to their fish.

06/15/15  10:23pm

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