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 Vivarium Automation Advice

Hello, I am working with a team of engineering students at the University of New Hampshire developing our own prototype of a Vivarium automation system. This system will allow a pet owner (specifically for a pet who dwells in some sort of enclosure) to set schedules and target parameters for their pets’ habitat. For example, one could set separate daytime and nighttime temperature and humidity targets, as well as have things like a mister run on a schedule that can change based on day of the week, month, or other parameters.

Our system will monitor the environment (minimally the temperature and humidity of the basking area, mid-gradient, and far-gradient), and control things like misters and heat bulbs based on those sensors. The current information can be viewed and everything can be controlled and set from the web or your smart phone.

I am hoping to get feedback on this product so that I can make it fit what customers want, and what our pets need. No information is shared or sold, and we only ask for name and email to prove to our professor that the responses are real.

Survey Monkey Link: *PLEASE COPY AND PASTE*

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to ask. Thank you in advance!

11/03/14  08:58pm

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