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Apalazzo   Beardeddragonn  

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 HELP ME my hedgehog had a bad eye infection then scratched it out of her head

So got home from work went to feed the hedgehog and check on my other pets like i do everyday. Feed my female hedgehog she came out like always noticed her eye looked horrible rushed her to the animal hospital. Found out she had tore her eye and from scratching pulled it out off her head. The doc there told me she would have to have surgery and have her eye removed she’s on 3 meds 2 oral 1 eye drops. They put her eye back in her head and stitched her eye shut. Now I’ve been doing some reading and really confused. Some sources say because hedgehogs are rodents that they eye will die and fall out on it’s own killing and severing the nerves in the process. Others say surgery is required. I really need to know how long she can stay with her eye stitched shut? The hospital bill was 330 bucks I had to pay before leaving est surgery ranged from 300-500 which I dont have many have told me to put her down. But I don’t have the heart to do that since many animals and people live long healthy lives with one eye. If someone could please give me some info or there input would be great. My vet isn’t able to see her Monday liked I hoped to tell me my options since she is booked solid. Can some one please help me?

08/06/12  01:19am


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  Message To: Apalazzo   In reference to Message Id: 2275751

 HELP ME my hedgehog had a bad eye infection then scratched it out of her head

That sounds horrible!!!!! Is there another vet? You can even go to just a normal dog and cat vet and ask questions.

Let me know what happens!

08/26/15  01:02pm

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