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 Home made low ambient temp. alarm for large enclosures

OK, so in the last 6-7 weeks my neighborhood has lost electric during the early AM hours 3 times, then the main heater we use to heat the two reptile rooms, pooped the bed! So, being winter and freezing out doors, I haven’t been getting a lot of sound sleep lately worrying about loosing ambient heat to my reptile rooms. Giving a little thought to a low temperature alarm, this is what I came up with, it was easy and works great. A couple ft. of phone wire,new smoke detector, new home thermostat, new 9 volt DC battery, 9 volt battery wire connect ( you can find this wire connect on a old 9 volt toy/radio/etc.), hot glue gun and a hot soldering gun was all I needed to build this alarm. I can set the thermostat to the lowest safe temperature I wish to have in my room. If the ambient temp.s go as low as the setting on the thermostat, it will turn on the smoke detector alarm warning me of low ambient temperature in the reptile room. I’v attached a rough diagram on how I assembled mine. I think this could be used for out door/ basement / and garage enclosures as well, you can run a length of wire from the thermostat in the area you wish to monitor to the alarm mounted in an area you can easily hear the alarm going off. Well, just thought I’d share my findings and hope it helps someone in the same situation I was in? Please remember that if you build this alarm "it will no longer detect smoke", only low temperatures. Be sure to test your work and make sure all connections are solid and working right.

02/22/12  03:14pm

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