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 Unusual Temp problem need some help!!!!!

Hey i need help with a question i should be asking a heating specialist. I live in an apartment and am soon getting a leopard gecko. Now when im gone the conditioner is of and it can et into the 80’s in my room usually that mean the the warm side reaches into the mid 90s and the cool side is in the 80s or so not the usual room temp you want it to be any suggestions please help me Thanks!

08/10/11  09:44pm


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 Unusual Temp problem need some help!!!!!

Pretty late answer here. Sorry, I just now web-surfed across the question.
But I face the same issue myself, except worse. No air conditioning whatsoever.
Here’s a bunch of things that help.
1. If it’s hot, turn off the undertank heat.
2. Put the undertank heater on a timer, so it only turns on at night when it’s needed.
3. Use a bigger cage than "necessary." That way, if there’s too much heat spread, there’s also more space to absorb it.
4. Make sure there’s a lot of cage ventilation.
5. Put ice in the water dish before you leave. I do this trick in hot weather for ALL my herps, and most of them are diurnal. Since a leo is nocturnal, having a bowl of ice in there during the day will really do nothing except lower the average air temperature in there. By the time he wakes up and goes to drink, it’ll just be water anyway.
6.Don’t use warm incadescant-lighting.
7.On really hot nights, offer refrigerator-temperature food.

That’s really all that comes to mind. Rapidly less of a factor as summer drifts away anyhow, but at least you can plan better for next year. My own two least heat-tolerant animals are a couple of my snakes, who despite this summer being insanely hot for insane periods of time, ate better than they ever have before in their adult lives, because I myself was more worried about the heat and therefore bothered to scramble around and minimize its effects on them.

08/28/11  02:13am

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