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Not sure if this would be the right place for this. Anyways I thought I would share my current pets on here and their cages/tanks etc.

So, ferrets.
Here’s their ferret nation cage. I’m hoping to expand it really soon. :)

Evelynn[Eve]. She’s two years old, born on May 21st. She’s a little pain in the but we all love her. She loves to climb and she gets into everything.

Charlie. He’s 7 years old and born on August 19th. He’s a really quiet boy and he loves everyone. He’s also deaf and mute. He’s my baby. <3

Yoshi. Yoshi’s a little over 11 months old. He was born on February 13th. He’s probably the most hyper one out of the gang, he’s always dooking, jumping and running all over the place as happy as ever. He’s just crazy.

Here’s Summer. She’s a year old and born September 5th. She was my first ferret ever and the one to start this ferret addiction, lmao. She’s a really sweet calm girl who likes to play fetch and follow the others everywhere.

Here’s Luo. He’s 4 years old and born on March 4th. He’s made himself the alpha of the group. He’s also the "collector" of the group. He’ll pick up anything he finds in his path and go to hide it behind the couch. He’s a big fat teddy bear.

Hamsters now.
Here’s three of thems bins. They had to be moved into them because their ovo cages became too small for them. They’re so much easier to clean and much more space anyways.

And my two escape artists live in ovo cages since they always would bite through bins.

So here’s Baby and William. They are both a year old and were born on April 15th. They’re brother and sister and were given to me by a friend for my birthday.

And here are Romea, Dude and Skittles who are also a year old but born on June 17. They are all litter mates and the children of Baby and William. They were an accidental litter and their parents mated at the pet store but thankfully they came out healthy.

Betta fish.
Here’s Newton, my betta fish. He’s probably around two years old now. This is his old tank, I smashed it accidentally today so he’s in a temporary plastic one for now.

Here’s Kiba. He’s about two years old also. He’s in a five gallon.

This is Sammy, my leopard gecko. He’s two years old now. He’s not very big for his age because we rescued him from a crappy petstore.

This is Miss Da Vinci my american toad. She’s almost three years old now.

Here’s Buddy, he’s my 3 year old golden retriever/labrador/border collie cross.

This is Tinkerbell, she’s a 1 year old stray cat that we took in.

And this is Bella, our 4 year old cat. She lives with my mom now though.

And here’s my room...AKA pet room. Lmao. They took over.

01/18/11  08:02pm


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haha you have more ferrets than most ferret owners! i bet thats fun x3 Id love to have a ferret but I dont want the upkeep of a caged mammal. SO much more work than herps!
Bunch of cuties though!

01/19/11  10:36pm


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They aren’t actually that bad to take care of, and I love them to death lmao. It all started with one, than the second came along, and than I got three more all together from someone. I’m hoping to eventually get some more cages to expand and rescue a few more little ones. :P

And thank you. ^-^

01/20/11  01:07am


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Thats how I ended up with my three herps rather than one. Started with my ball python then I rescued a baby redtail and adopted a crested gecko.

Im sure they will be very happy when you get a bigger cage for them :)
I knew a guy who built a huge outside run out of what was probably a big chicken pen. wire mesh all around and it opens from the top on one side. They liked to go out and play in that.
Youll have to share pictures when you do get them set up though! I love seeing everyones different cages.

How much time do you spend cleaning up after them a day? (not playing, just cleaning lol)

01/20/11  09:28am


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Pets are just addicting sometimes, lmao.

I always wanted to build them a cage outdoors but I don’t trust them really, knowing how my ferrets are they’ll find a way out. They usually have free roam of the house and enjoy that like crazy anyways. :P

And not much, they’re all litter trained properly so I just need to take out the litter boxes, dump them out and refill them. And I do that about every three days or so. Than sometimes they like to dig on their hammocks and shred out some ofthe material, or knock food out of their cage and all over the floor, so I just vaccuum that up in a minute or two. :P They don’t make that big of a mess really. When they’re out of their cage they just run and hop around and steal my dogs toys the entire time.

01/20/11  11:16am


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  Message To: Chelsp94   In reference to Message Id: 2199661


They certainly are!

oh yeah it would have to be very very escape proof for sure.

well thats cool, Ive always wanted a ferret but taking care of my rats was a PAIN. you have to scoop every day or it REEKS. Maybe ill get a pair one day :)

01/20/11  12:49pm


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  Message To: Getscared   In reference to Message Id: 2199682


Haha I’ve never had rats, but I have my hamsters and I get so annoyed of cleaning their cage, even if it’s every week. I find my ferrets though are very sociable and more ’pet like’ than hamsters though so I don’t mind doing the extra work for them. You should get them one day though, they’re really great pets. :)

01/21/11  11:23am


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  Message To: Chelsp94   In reference to Message Id: 2200013


Rats are like hamsters times ten x.x bigger and smellier poop and even more of it.
They almost as sociable as ferrets though, if handled regularly they can be very sweet.

I went in to Southern Ag. today and they have a litter of new Ferrets in! 4 of them. I spent a good 30 minutes playing with them and even named some of em XD
I dont have room for them right now but my friend and I are going to get an apartment together and have agreed upon getting a pair of ferrets when we do :)

01/21/11  01:28pm


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  Message To: Getscared   In reference to Message Id: 2200047


Lmao yeah. I went to the petstore just today and was holding a mother hairless rat and she was the sweetest thing, I wanted to bring her home. :P

01/22/11  05:38pm

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