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Well a heavy dose of insomnia with a large side of boredom caused me to decide to post some pics I have of a few (ha ha) of my animals. Seeing as this is of no real importance I can’t justify posting it in any of the other fora so it landed here. Feel free to join in and post updated pics that you may have. One request tho, if it is not a pic of an animal (humans included) please refrain from posting it on this thread. Also, this thread is meant to be laid back so if you are here to complain or "rag" on people’s pics please take your meaningless drivel elsewhere.

Wild caught spider. ID unknown.

Mali Uromastyx

Button Quail

Sulcata Tortoise

Plated Lizard (G. Major)

A different species of Plated Lizard

Leopard Gecko

Leopard Gecko

Leopard gecko

Red-Bellied Piranha (low quality)

Budget’s Frog

Bearded Dragon

Spiny Ridge-Tailed Monitor

My pride and joy. Savannah Monitor

That is all the photos I have for now. I will update soon if anyone shows interest. If enough people post their pics I might even decide to show my ugly mug on here.


12/13/10  12:13am


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Brazilian rainbow boa 0.1 about 7 yrs old...rescued 04/09

Iguana 0.1 free roamer / potty trained/ rescued last fall 4-5 yrs old.

she is precious

Reticulated dwarf python 1.0 5 yrs paid 50.00 06/10

Blue Tongue Skinks 1.1 raised from hatchling 1.5 yrs purchased here on RZ from friend

Leopard Geckos 1.2 rescued 08

Florida King (Brooksi) 0.0.1 gift from friend on RZ 06/10

Bearded dragon ...bath time

Your spider is an orb weaver/ garden spider ...much like the story of Charlottes web...but yours is a brilliant colored species as compared to the local variety in So. Cal. I fed this one all summer of 08.

So much more and too much fun ....


12/13/10  01:31am

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