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 Making a simple ecosystem terrarium

I was looking around everywhere on this web site and I have not been able to find anything with lots of information and pictures.
I was on craig’s list and I saw a posting that someone was getting rid of their ecosystem it looked like it 20 gallon long with potting soil and all kinds of plants.

I want to do something about nature with a 15 gallon with some soil putting some nontoxic plants and also some earthworms so they can take care of the soil.
The reason why is we live right next to a riverbed and every so often we find frogs roaming around in our kitchen are living room and also my bedroom. And there has been many occasions where we find them also dead hidden in the corners from drying out so I would like to get something set up that can sustain itself through corners of the time I have some overhead lighting for plants that was built for a tank. And the next time I see some frogs in the house I like to rescue them and give them a chance to see if they can survive in a 15 gallon tank that will be like in ago ecosystem as far as plants and humidity I will be feeding crickets and mealworms because I have never geckos but because I’m paralyzed on the neck down be just have basic setups as they are from dry arid places.

And if I don’t receive any frogs that we find in the house I just want to show my aunt how to make one so she can understand the basics as well I was searching online but didn’t find any good videos if you have any information helpful links and nowhere videos can be found please send me a private message thank you very much for your time and consideration and also thank you for reading this message

06/21/10  08:18pm

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