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 Left/Right confusion

I think there is something seriously wrong with me. Starting a few years ago I started mixing up my left and right. I do not know instinctually which is which. I have to make an L shape with my left hand to confirm it. It’s a huge problem driving when I pull onto the wrong side of the road. I also have no sense of direction. A few days ago I visited my grandma in a hospital. I had no problem getting to her room with the directions given to me but I could not find my way back. I wandered the halls for over 10 minutes before finding the elevator that I had previously used. I am just a teenager. I have no problems reading or writing so I know I can’t be dyslexic. My memory is also horrible. I don’t remember anything from the previous week unless someone reminds me of something that happened. My doctor says I just need to do memory exercises or something. Could there be something wrong with me? Or am I just dumb all of the sudden?

04/09/10  03:07am


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  Message To: MYK098   In reference to Message Id: 2139394

 Left/Right confusion

I am no doctor, but If it hppened all of a sudden, I would see if you could get a CAT scan, or an MRI. not trying to worry you, It may nothing. your brain may simply functin differently, and I’m not calling you stupid. I myself have problem turning faucets off, screwing in bulbs, turning screws, and that is with me saying "righty tighty, lefty loosey". I spent nearly 5 minutes trying to screw in a light bulb once, and my grandpa screwed it in in 5 seconds ( and I’m not stupid either). Combination locks are real fun, by the way, or it could be neurologic. again not trying to worry you, just my 2 cents.

04/11/10  07:50pm


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  Message To: CAM95   In reference to Message Id: 2139917

 Left/Right confusion

dont waste your money on a doctor, just shoot urself in the head theres no cure and you are going to be lost in hallways your whole life

but seriously, just remember what hand u do most stuff with, whether its ur right or left, and use that as a guide, "ok im right handed and I have to turn right, go the way of the hand I hold a pencil in"

but if ur getting lost on ur way back, maybe you should just pay better attention to ur surroundings, use land marks

05/10/10  01:51pm

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