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Lisa Rose
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 How Many Pets is Too Many??

New Animal Planet series

We are producing a new series for Animal Planet about people who own a lot of animals. We are currently looking for pet families of 15 or more!

Some brand them as “animal hoarders.” We want to get to know them as people. We want to experience the special relationship they have with their pets and understand why they do what they do. We also recognize that trying to care for too many animals can sometimes be overwhelming. There can be financial burdens, health issues, family conflicts, even the run-ins with authorities. We want to see how animal lovers - and their families - deal with these challenges.

We also want to offer help. We have the resources to provide free veterinary care, spaying and neutering, even food if required. We will not force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. We will not report anyone to any authorities. If help is needed, we want to find solutions that work for everybody.

Our goal as TV producers is to tell true stories about people who are often misunderstood – and if we can, to address issues that are too often ignored. To learn more, contact us at [email][/email] – or call us at our toll free number: 1-877-MY8-PETS.

03/01/10  04:10pm


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  Message To: Lisa Rose   In reference to Message Id: 2128487

 How Many Pets is Too Many??

no u want to know who has too many pets so u can send ASPCA to track em down and take their pets!!! pulled this on craigslist!

03/02/10  10:08pm


Rae rae
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  Message To: Followmyxsjado   In reference to Message Id: 2129107

 How Many Pets is Too Many??

you know how many pets is too many? i do. if you have a pet you can’t afford to care for. if you can’t provide proper health care like vaccinations, spay/neuter, sick vet visits and needed medications like heartworm prevention...then you have too many. i just believe don’t own them if you can’t care for them. but with that said...that’s my opinion, and so far as you getting someone on here to admit they have too many may be a hard task. the people on here can be pretty judgemental when it comes to how others care for their pets, so i’m sure a lot happens that people don’t post.

04/05/10  01:30am

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