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 Tounge peirceing

im getting my tounge pierced soon and i just wanted some advice on how painful its guna b and how to take care of it

01/25/10  10:45am


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  Message To: Nessabug1993   In reference to Message Id: 2117164

 Tounge peirceing

Yeouch.. :L
Have to say though, one of the lesser painfull piercings of the ones I have.. :L

Have you got any other piercings?

I can’t really describe the pain.. It’s bearable and over vey fast :) the only pain afte will be a dull throbbing. They recomend not beong able to eat solid foods for a month after (here anyway) but it all depends on the person, you’ll know yourself what you can handle and stuff. Sure, I got mine done out of drunkenness and went out drinking straight after.. :L not suggesting you do the same!

Clean it with boiled (but cooled) salted water. get a tissue and clean around the area or gargle the water. They also recomend gargeling antiseptic mouth wase, but i’d leave it for the day cos it can sting..

But the mouth is the fastest healing part of the body so it should go well if looked after and be grand in no time :)

And of course, there are risks.. i’d look them up on the net befoe hand, just to be aware of what can happen.

01/25/10  02:47pm


Fairy Frog Mother
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  Message To: KinkyQuill   In reference to Message Id: 2117217

 Tounge peirceing

The tounge ( and other uniquely feminine parts) are indeed fast healers. I only have ear and a nose piercing, but many friends over the years have had other piercings.

Most common risk is usually infection or metal allergic reaction. That and until you get used to the ball on your tounge, you talk really funny.

The Belly button by comparison is one of the worst areas to heal after piercing, and the most likely to have complications.

02/18/10  02:23pm


Rae rae
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  Message To: Nessabug1993   In reference to Message Id: 2117164

 Tounge peirceing

out of curiosity nessabug, are you originally from ohio? i only ask because of the phrase "guna be" haha. i always thought that was a southern thing.

04/05/10  01:44am

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