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I posted this under lizards but im going to post this here too, becuase I think it should be here too!!
I am new to the forums but I just wanted to say that I know a great deal about this Character and he is a follower of that crazy man Dances with savs. He has a new youtube CHannel and is growing more popular and on a real come back. I used to like him until I learned he was a Drowning with savs fan! what can we do to stop him? His new youtube Channel is called MUFFDADDYTV. Hes just as cocky as ever! MUFFDADDYTV

11/06/09  08:20pm


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All we can do is ignore him. If we give him too much attention, he wins. Leave him alone.

11/07/09  08:18pm


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  Message To: Norf   In reference to Message Id: 2093139


lol, muff

11/09/09  07:32pm

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