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wich do you like best i like them both. but they cost so much

08/12/09  01:46pm


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08/13/09  09:08pm


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08/16/09  10:01pm


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  Message To: Dane_Zoo   In reference to Message Id: 2058441


aeropostle is mine but they are super cheap compared to hollister and abercrombie

08/30/09  05:38pm


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I vote neither if that’s an option...

08/31/09  11:40pm


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  Message To: Geckogirlemi   In reference to Message Id: 2066071


i vote hollister, and its not that bad. my fav pair of jeans was 20, which is walmart price. btw, u can go to platos closet n get name brands alot cheaper

09/12/09  12:47pm


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  Message To: AndrewFLORIDA!!!!   In reference to Message Id: 2070938


i say a pair of hollister jeans with an armani button down hamster brain with D&G sunglasses and ur set for any occassion...:)

09/12/09  06:27pm


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  Message To: Followmyxsjado   In reference to Message Id: 2071016


I don’t go to stores, too many mexicans.

10/03/09  11:29am


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  Message To: LOLWUT   In reference to Message Id: 2079814


Don’t like either. I’m a hot topic kinda girl. ; )

12/22/09  05:24pm


Fairy Frog Mother
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  Message To: Miss.Froggie   In reference to Message Id: 2107339


Levi 501 button fly.
Classic style. Functional.

And goodness gracious, pull those darn pants up would ya! *shakes stick at the youngins*
I really dont need to know what color your boxers are, and how the heck can you run from trouble if your belt is around your freakin thighs. Rediculous style if you ask me. Sure, I can see the comfort in oversized pants. But yeesh...pants are supposed to be for COVERING YOUR ARSE.

01/10/10  01:38pm

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