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 Anyone military here?

I am getting ready for Air Force basic training, and I can’t wait!
I am looking at 2 AFSCs: Pararescue, and tactical air control party!
Pararescue has like a 90% washout rate, do to the ridiculous physical training! I am going to try my hardest for that, and if I don’t happen to make it, I will most likely make it as a tac p.


07/12/09  04:54pm


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  Message To: AlbigsRule   In reference to Message Id: 2038147

 Anyone military here?

I’ve thought about joining the air force or army. Good luck, it’s one of the coolest jobs you can have IMO.:D

09/09/09  06:46pm


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  Message To: Geckogirlemi   In reference to Message Id: 2069985

 Anyone military here?

Congrats :)
I have a friend in the airforce, he’s stationed in Japan right now and was in Iraq for 4 months. He might be going back agian. I also have an ex who is in the Army, stationed in Ft Bragg South Carolina. Wherever you go, always be careful :] But it’s a great honor.

09/09/09  07:44pm

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