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 Can anyone help my son

Me and my son have a collard lizard for 2years and he has always been well until 4days ago he has stopped eating crickets and mealworms. He seens to always try to gulp and keeps head upright he also moves his head from side to side and now today he is shaking and moving like he is taking a fit. Can anyone please help us as we are worried about him

03/04/09  01:03pm


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  Message To: Everton74   In reference to Message Id: 1963002

 Can anyone help my son

well, i dont have a Collard (wish i did), but that kinda sounds like MBD (Metabolic Bone Disease). with the head shaking and fit like actions, id say it was. do you dust with calcium and have a UVB light? this disease is common in reptiles, especially ones that are diurnal (active during the day).

there is a collared lizard section here. just go down the list on the left hand side of the forums page.

a little advise before posting over there. they will probably need you to list the specs. as in the setup/enclosure size, lighting you provide, what you are feeding, etc. also a pic would be a big help.


03/04/09  05:10pm


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  Message To: Mama42   In reference to Message Id: 1963125

 Can anyone help my son

I haven’t had a collared since the late 80s, but I’m getting a trio of them shipped next week, so I plan to be posting on our collared forum a lot. Hopefully you will be able to help yours too, and we can both post there together. However, it’s no secret that some sections of this website are busier than others. So since this is pretty immediate medical stuff, for now I’m gonna suggest you go to where the Crotaphytus heavies REALLY hang out: here.
It’s moderated by Eve Paris, who also runs, which you’ve probably seen before. She and quite a few other experts post on that first link quite regularly, and I can’t guarantee the news they give will be good, but they do tend to respond to questions quickly there.

Also, do you have a vet in your area that treats reptiles?

03/05/09  10:00pm


Rae rae
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  Message To: JackAsp   In reference to Message Id: 1963839

 Can anyone help my son

take it to the vet

03/12/09  11:50pm

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