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 Thinking about getting into breeding

I bet you get posts like these all the time here, so i do apologise first off if ur all sick of people asking the same thing.

But i keep a small number of reptiles as a hobby of mine and i’ve already looked into breeding beardies as i already have one male and one female, but after a long thought on that one and seeing just how expensive beardies are, i know there’s no way possible i could ever afford to breed them on the wage i am on.

The other reps i have are a corn, a leo and a crestie and i’m wondering what the over-all costs of breeding any of those are. I am aware that breeding reptiles is not a profitable hobby, but it is a hobby non-the-less and i’d want to do it for the fun and new knowledge i would gain from it.

02/13/09  10:04am


Gottee guy
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  Message To: Winterborn   In reference to Message Id: 1952025

 Thinking about getting into breeding...MY ANIMALS...

it depends on how many eggs you get, how many live, how long you have them for, etc. It’s still going to be expensive though.

02/14/09  10:29pm


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  Message To: Gottee guy   In reference to Message Id: 1952888

 Thinking about getting into breeding...MY ANIMALS...

I think cresteds would be the cheapest. The real question is how dependably you can rehome the offspring. They’re a slow and steady breeder, rather than a "whole bunch at once" breeder.

Corns might be second, since frozen day old pinkies can be purchased in bulk, but don’t rely on every entire clutch being easy eaters. Some will probably insist on live.

Baby leopards need lots of small insects, which can still be reasonably cheap if you jump through enough hoops (buying food in bulk at expos, raising your own bugs in large enough amounts that you’ve always got enough small ones, that sort of thing) but if you plan on just hitting the local pet shop’s cricket bin every day unil you find homes for the entire clutch then you’ll end up losing money.

02/16/09  09:40pm


Rae rae
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  Message To: JackAsp   In reference to Message Id: 1954070

 Thinking about getting into breeding...MY ANIMALS...

you definitely have to look at all expenses. you need an incubator, a male and female reptile, the substrate you put the eggs in, adequate space for all babies, heat for all babies, and food for all babies. none of these are going to be cheap. i’m breading leos right now and i’ve spent about $100 already. and that’s because i already had a lot of the stuff already. i’m actually still not done buying things i need. another thing you have to think about is vet bills. like for instance, leos, and all other carnivorous reptiles need to be wormed. the vet says twice a year however i do mine once a year. they get parsites from their food, crickets, mealies, etc. and when breeding, things can go wrong fast. the male leo bites the female and can leave some bad bite wounds. you would need a vet bill there to get the wound properly treated with antibiotics and such. i accidentilly dropped my female leo, and she broke her leg. well that was another $100 vet visit to fix her leg. then...what happens if you can’t find homes for them? are you prepared to keep all the babies? well i hope you decide wisely and good luck.

02/19/09  02:39am

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