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 Animal Rights

Washington, D.C. (Vocus/PRWEB ) January 15, 2009 -- The nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom said today that Cass Sunstein, the Harvard University Law School professor tapped by President-elect Obama to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, has a secret aim to push a radical animal-rights agenda in the White House. [Bold}Sunstein supports outlawing sport hunting, giving animals the legal right to file lawsuits, and using government regulations to phase out meat consumption.

In a 2007 speech at Harvard University, Sunstein argued in favor of entirely "eliminating current practices such as … meat eating." He also proposed: "We ought to ban hunting, I suggest, if there isn’t a purpose other than sport and fun. That should be against the law. It’s time now."

Sunstein wrote in his 2004 book "Animal Rights: Current Debates and New Directions" that "animals should be permitted to bring suit, with human beings as their representatives … Any animals that are entitled to bring suit would be represented by (human) counsel, who would owe guardian-like obligations and make decisions, subject to those obligations, on their clients’ behalf."

The Center for Consumer Freedom’s Director of Research, David Martosko, is available to discuss Cass Sunstein’s likely impact on typical elements of American life that involve the use of animals. Sunstein’s work could spell the end of animal agriculture, retail sales of meat and dairy foods, hunting and fishing, biomedical research, pet ownership, zoos and aquariums, traveling circuses, and countless other things Americans take for granted.

Mr. Martosko said: "Cass Sunstein owes Americans an honest appraisal of his animal rights agenda as America’s top regulator. Americans don’t realize that the next four years could be full of bizarre initiatives plucked from the wildest dreams of the animal-rights fringe. Think about every outrageous idea PETA and the Humane Society of the United States have ever had, and imagine them all having the force of federal law. This doesn’t look good for hunters, ranchers, restaurateurs, biomedical researchers, or ordinary pet owners."

For an interview with Mr. Martosko about how Cass Sunstein’s appointment will serve the radical animal rights movement’s agenda in the White House, or for more information, contact Sarah Kapenstein at 202-463-7112.

So, fellow Zoners, all of you that thought/think Socialism is cool, that it was time for "Change", here it comes, plus TRILLIONS of dollars in debt for your grandchildren. Elections have consequences. Hope you like what is coming down the pipe at those that voted for this incoming administration. Cheers.

01/15/09  01:02pm


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  Message To: DuckMonster   In reference to Message Id: 1932730

 Animal Rights

*sigh* this will be a fun couple of years lol
I know this has the potential not to be a laughing matter...but for now, reading all that, and thinking about such radicals having any influence in governance...I guess these kind of situations just make me laugh out of their absurdity. People are insane...they are free to believe what they will (and fight for it), but I still think they’re insane. Allowing animals to file suit? How will they even be able to hire an attorney? If my tax dollars are going to support an animal’s lawyer, when I can’t even afford one if I need one...I’m seriously going to have a problem.

Let me keep my pets, and eat my burgers, and visit zoos (which often help conservation).
I voted for Nader lol

01/15/09  06:26pm


Rae rae
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  Message To: Clawedfrogsrule   In reference to Message Id: 1932921

 Animal Rights

this is so absurd!!!! i can’t believe there is actually people out there who would consider this. these type of people do not need to breed (and i don’t mean their animals!). some of these things are just rediculous to even think about!!! i swear if the country comes down to letting animals to file suit, nobody allowed to hunt, and not eating dairy, we might as well nuke ourselves! jesus is coming back guys!!! this is going to be the end of the world!

01/15/09  06:57pm


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  Message To: Rae rae   In reference to Message Id: 1932971

 Animal Rights

LMAO i dont think for a minute that could happen! it is absurd!! to think a judge would listen to an animal is rediculous, if not laughable (right outa the courtroom!) it smells like Peta...and what is Obama thinking? is he a vegetarian??? probably!! still....we have the right to eat meat!!! LMAO whats he gonna do when all the animals overrun his office? they breed at the drop of a hat!

ugh...another agenda!!

01/16/09  04:52am


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  Message To: Mama42   In reference to Message Id: 1933193

 Animal Rights

It is Not Absur. It is the reasonable people, sensical people, being silent, thinking "That can’t happen here" that will allowit. I know that in a countyr in Europe (Eng?) that there was a push to give apes Human Rights, to allow them access to courts via human representation. The outcome? I confess I do not know. BUT, it is telling that the same is being attempted here now.

01/16/09  07:06am


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  Message To: DuckMonster   In reference to Message Id: 1932730

 Animal Rights

This isn’t going to happen. There are way to many meat addicts both in the country and in the government (look at how fat alot of them are). Furthermore, it is due to pet owners and zoos that some species even stand a fighting chance of beating extinction. Screw this richard noggin, he ain’t gettin nowhere. Still, I’m going to write a letter...

01/16/09  10:15am


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  Message To: AvandisFifth   In reference to Message Id: 1933290

 Animal Rights


Tsk tsk, never underestimate unopposed stupidity. These animal rights groups are the SAME type of Elitists that engage in fake environmentalism too.

Want to reduce meat consumption? No, an outright ’ban’ won’t work. But how about a Tax per animal (Cows, Swine) that produce Globull Warming gases such as methane.

Can’t happen?

Farmers Panic About a ‘Cow Tax’ By Kate Galbraith Should their greenhouse gases be taxed? (Photo: Steve Ruark for The New York Times)

The comment period for the Environmental Protection Agency’s exploration of greenhouse gas regulation ended last Friday, with farmers lobbying furiously against the notion of a “cow tax” on methane, a potent greenhouse gas emitted by livestock.

The New York Farm Bureau issued a statement last week (PDF) saying it feared that a tax could reach $175 per cow, $87.50 per head of beef cattle and upward of $20 for each hog.

Such a tax would represent a “massive hit on our industry here in New York,” said Peter Gregg, a spokesman for the farm bureau, in an interview.

“You could take all of our cows together and they probably wouldn’t have the same effect on the atmosphere than the average traffic jam on the Tappan Zee Bridge,” he added.

Farm officials from Texas to Alabama also sounded the alarm, and Mr. Gregg said that the response in New York among farmers was “almost a panic.”

The hysteria may be premature, however. The E.P.A. indeed issued an “advanced notice of proposed rulemaking” this summer that called for public comments on the idea of regulating greenhouse gas emissions from cars, as well as “stationary sources” — which, yes, would include cows and other livestock.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

As I said, stupid people will succeed when unopposed and soon we will ALL be wondering what happened to all our ’Rights’ and Freedoms.

01/16/09  10:49am


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  Message To: DuckMonster   In reference to Message Id: 1933309

 Animal Rights

There’s a lot of "..." in those quotes. I can trim ANYONE’S words into looking pretty extreme.
Most hunters actually agree that sports-only hunting is unethical, as oposed to hunting for food, pest control, etc. That’s all that one quote actually said. The "no hunting" is a straw man argument.

As far as animals hiring lawyers, I’m not racist. Show me a chicken that can get a job, earn lawyer fees, walk into the office, and say "I’d like you to represent me against the estate of Colonel Sanders," or whatever it is that talking chickens actually say, and I’ll admit that, yes, it is apparntly a sentient being. Are some apes smarter than some humans? Yes. Absolutely. Since I don’t run around vivisecting chimpanzees, I really don’t live in fear that one of them is going to win the lottery and sue me though.

Not saying I’m going to love the guy or agree with him about everything, but I’m not actually convinced that the sky is falling.

01/17/09  01:47pm


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  Message To: JackAsp   In reference to Message Id: 1933948

 Animal Rights

OK, granted, these were articles written on the man, based on interviews and reviews of his writings. But with alittle effort it is very easy to read those same, unexcerpted writings for yourself. I have two of them in .pdf form, should you desire to read the rantings of this soon to be bureaucrat, who is determined to radically change how animals are used by exerting ’their rights’. I’d gladly email them to you for your reading pleasures.

Animals do not need to have a job to sue. PETA has plenty, Sierra Club has plenty, Earth First has plenty. Think on something along the lines of ’class-action’ lawsuits and you’ll be in the ball park.

Folks, elections have consequences, hold on for the ride.

01/19/09  09:55am


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  Message To: DuckMonster   In reference to Message Id: 1934968

 Animal Rights

Caes in Point

"The Communist Party USA views the 2008 elections as a tremendous opportunity to defeat the policies of the right-wing Republicans and to move our country in a new progressive direction.

The record turnout in the Democratic Presidential primary races shows that millions of voters, including millions of new voters, are using this election to bring about real change. We wholeheartedly agree with them."

Anyone allying themselves with a party that is endorsed by communists needs their heads examined

01/19/09  02:12pm

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