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hey everyone,
I just wanted to let everybody know that my dad passed away today(january 5th just thought i’d put that).He died is his sleep and I am glad that he did so he didn’t feel any pain.I think his heart just gave out but idk really how he died.but thanks to everyone who comforted me when I knew he was going to die and idk really what to say anymore so idk keep me in your prays(sp?)please.

01/05/09  02:14pm


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  Message To: AnimalGirl1993   In reference to Message Id: 1926836


i will pray for you

01/05/09  05:53pm


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  Message To: Reptilefreak23   In reference to Message Id: 1926949


Oh Sweetie, I am so sorry to hear that! I hope you and your mom are doing o.k. I was 17 when my dad passed away, I know it’s so hard right now. I hope you were able to reconcile and say some of those things you wanted to say. I was just thinking about you a couple days ago, and wondering what had happened. You and your family will be in my prayers. I recently saw this poem and I thought maby you could find some comfort in it. (God saw him getting weaker, there was no cure to be, he put his arms around him and whispered come with me.) You take care, big hugs, Melisa

01/05/09  08:52pm


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  Message To: Scaly   In reference to Message Id: 1927077


hi. you dont know me, but i am really sorry for your loss! i know it can be hard. just hang in there...


01/06/09  02:10am


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  Message To: Mama42   In reference to Message Id: 1927190


im so sorry this must be hard for you but i think you said your dad was a christian in another post so just know that he is in a better place i will pray for you

01/06/09  04:56pm


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  Message To: AnimalGirl1993   In reference to Message Id: 1926836


I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you.

I know you don’t know me or I you, but I felt I would tell you what helped me when my dad passed.
I was only 19 at the time, but I remember thinking...I’m am so lucky to have had him for 19 yrs. there are alot of kids out there that never had a dad.

As I am a lot older now, and I lost my stepfather and mother last yr, (08) within months of each other. It is never easy at any age.
Keep your chin up and remember those good times you had together.

I will keep you in my prayers.

01/07/09  07:10pm


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  Message To: Whitie   In reference to Message Id: 1928183


I’m so sorry for your loss =(
I’ve been wanting to reply to this for a couple of days but didn’t know what to say. I’m 16 and I live alone with my father and I just can’t imagine how you must be feeling.
I’m very sorry. You’re in my thoughts.

01/07/09  07:15pm


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  Message To: AnimalGirl1993   In reference to Message Id: 1926836


Anaimal Girl,

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I will indeed keep your family in my prayers, that you find peace in your heart, knowing your Dad is in a better place, that his time of illness here is over. May God Bless You.

01/09/09  08:29am

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