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 Lip piercing????

I really want my lip pierced but i was wondering does it hurt a lot???

11/27/08  09:26pm


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  Message To: AnimalGirl1993   In reference to Message Id: 1905906

 Lip piercing????

while I haven’t done it, I’ve known a bunch of people who girl fainted, another girl cried and screamed, and another girl was in pain, but handled it better than the other two. So yeah, I think it hurts a lot, and you have to keep it really clean with mouth wash and everything because it gets infected easily.
I know that’s definately not what you want to hear, but anyway a lot of people get it and then don’t like it anymore and just take it out you might want to wait a while and see if you still want it then.

11/27/08  10:42pm


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  Message To: Clawedfrogsrule   In reference to Message Id: 1905934

 Lip piercing????

personally, i dont think it hurts.
ive done it myself 3 times in the same spot(becasue my dad made me take it out every time) so i will do it again later, and it probably wont hurt again.

11/27/08  11:50pm


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  Message To: Dislimbed   In reference to Message Id: 1905951

 Lip piercing????

My sister got it done a while ago and she said it hurt like hell! But I think it looks really good. You have to keep it sooooo clean for about the first couple weeks after you get it.


12/02/08  08:33pm

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