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 Time for Some Campaignin’

Considering the current presidential race, coming elections, and the few political debate posts here... I thought this little JibJab video would be suitable: Link; for those that have not seen it yet. Enjoy!

09/06/08  06:47pm


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  Message To: DragonPaw   In reference to Message Id: 1853071

 Time for Some Campaignin’

I haven’t seen the video, but I REALLY hope McCain wins the election, and I wish I could vote. The older, the wiser. I don’t support democrats and their beliefs usually. Obama says we need change, but what is he gonna change? Sarah Palin is my role model; I think they make an amazing duo (McCain and Palin)!
-Peaches and Jeni

09/06/08  10:10pm

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