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 Letter to Senator

Due to the revent obstructionist Dem policy of recessing Congress in the light of an Energy Crisis unseen since the 1970’s;

and Due to the inclusion of my own state Senator in a sell out ’Bi-Partisan’ attempt to keep Americans as financial slaves, I wrote the following letter:

Mr Corker,
I am a hard working conservative Tennessean. I love the mostly conservative nature
of our state and our Senators and Representatives.
Having said that, I have been so dismayed at seeing the Majorities that Americans
gave the Republican Party frittered away. The Party of smaller Government and Fiscal
Restraint gave us BIGGER Government and spending through the roof. Granted, the
Iraq and Afghanistan Wras are expensive, but spending cuts in areas that need them
did not happen.
Now, with energy prices soaring, the conservatives of this country finally have
the opportunity to force the issue of increasing domestic production of oil to reduce
oil prices. I applaud, WHOLEHEARTEDLY, the actions of the GOP during this Congressional
Recess to call attention to the lack of action and obstructionist policies of the
liberals (Democrats). This is the opportunity to expose them to the light of day
to the American Voters and perhaps even begin the process of regaining the Majority
in either the House or Senate.
Instead, we find you involved in the Gang of 10. A bi-partisan sell-out. I urge
you to stand your ground against the attempts by the Democrats to hamstring this
country into third-world status. Our economy depends on inexpensive energy. The
recent runup in gasoline and oil prices is just now beginning to have concrete negative
effects. People have cut back on non-essential spending. and because of this, businesses
are laying off or shutting their doors. This can only get worse, much worse, unless
we take ALL steps necessary to increase the supply of oil.
Remove any restrictions over any identified oil fields for drilling. Streamline
the process for more refineries. Force the EPA to reduce the ’boutique’
blend requirements. In short, stand firm and force the Democrats to play their ahnd
of obstruction, then openly point that out to struggling Americans.

08/11/08  10:25pm

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