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 B C . carbon tax refund cheque

I just had this thought for all you British Columbian alien species(reptile) keepers out there what i am wondering is how will you be spending your Carbon Tax Refund Cheque that all of us here in BC. will be getting in the near future. Here is my challenge to you the alien species keepers(reptile) and breeders --- take your $100.00 cheque that the kind BC. government sends you and use this free money to buy a membership in PIJAC Canada to help fight the changes in the law that will soon affect us all. That is absolutely everyone that keeps alien species in BC. In this way not only do you get a membership with the only organization that is willing to stand up for us in the exotic animal community but the government will pay for it. Please consider doing this. Unless anyone out there has any other ideas to make sure we will be able to continue keeping the fascinating animals that makes life worthwhile.

06/26/08  04:56pm


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  Message To: Snakemaster1   In reference to Message Id: 1774631

 B C . carbon tax refund cheque

Carbon Tax Refund? Just Damn. More monetary redistribution.

Free Money??? No such Thing!!

Gotta love the Socialists giving the sheeple $ to get their loyalty.

07/07/08  05:41pm


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  Message To: Snakemaster1   In reference to Message Id: 1774631

 B C . carbon tax refund cheque

Taking Us Back To Mud Huts And Loincloths

By INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY | Posted Monday, July 07, 2008 4:20 PM PT

Energy: A prominent journalist doesn’t just want our air conditioners turned down. He wants them off. This is the sort of nonsense we’re getting from the anti-energy, global-warming-is-making-us-sick left.


Time’s Joe Klein probably thought he was being clever when he wrote his late June essay on the evils of cooling headlined "Kill Your Air Conditioner." Instead, he wrote yet another chapter in the left’s book of environmental silliness.

"The unnecessary refrigeration of America has become a chronic disease," said Klein. "Air conditioning is bad for the planet, and for national security, and for our balance-of-payments deficit."

Just how bad it is for these things, he doesn’t say. But so sure of his point is he that he even included a fact that refutes his entire premise: At 4%, cooling is but a small part of our energy use.

Predictably, Klein believes Americans should sacrifice. Sounds noble, but he leaves out the part in which sacrifice slowly mutates into government rationing.

Klein might not know any members of the California Energy Commission, but it’s a good bet he’d get along well with them. This group has also written a chapter in the left’s book of silliness, suggesting that homes and businesses in the state should be equipped with thermostats that the government can control.

Though the proposal was dropped in January, it revealed the left’s thinking process about energy issues.

While that idea — temporarily — failed, California keeps churning out the absurd. Beginning with the 2009 model year, new cars sold in the state must have a label showing that automobile’s global warming score. New York will have the same requirement in 2010.

Then there’s the scientist who links flat-screen televisions to global warming.

Michael Prather of the University of California, Irvine, says the greenhouse gas nitrogen triflouride used in the making of flat-screen TVs should be regulated by a global climate treaty such as the Kyoto accord.

Across the Atlantic, the British government has told people to stop wasting food, not just to help deal with higher food prices, but to blunt global warming.

Last year Environment Minister Joan Ruddock asked Britons to do their part in "averting climate change" by ending their "wasteful habits with food" and "buying less and eating leftovers."

Remember, this is the country in which the media so gleefully covered a scientific report that said eating insects is good for the environment.

Back home, NASA scientist James Hansen wants oil executives put on trial for distributing "misinformation" about his global warming theory. We have to assume that he wants them eventually imprisoned, thereby removing from society the very people who are providing the fuels that keep civilization moving ahead.

Perhaps the best example of the left’s worst excesses is No Impact Man. He describes himself as a "guilty liberal" who has sworn off plastic, gone organic, become a bicycle nut, turned off his power and "composts his poop" while living in New York City. His goal: to try to save the planet from environmental catastrophe — one man at a time, we presume.

No Impact Man’s project would be fine if he were content to leave alone those who don’t share his vision. But the self-described megalomaniac is not.

This "tree-loving lunatic," previously known as Colin Beavan, husband and father of one, is politically active, supporting energy-restrictive initiatives that would have negative effects on others.

He seems convinced his mission is to "try to help change the cultural current and make it easier for everyone" to live as he does.

It all seems so laughable — until we realize that, given an opportunity to run our lives, environmental activists, who clearly have no sense of proportion or respect for liberty, would set back human progress by decades, if not centuries. Failing to take the threat they pose seriously will have heavy consequences.

OH YEAH, lets save the planet from ourselves. Who among you is willing to "Turn off the AC" rather than just say others should?

07/07/08  08:33pm


Reptililian Boy
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  Message To: DuckMonster   In reference to Message Id: 1786204

 B C . carbon tax refund cheque

Nothing is free and if it is free ($), you are using time which is money. Wasting time is wassting money which is not free in my opinion. lol My mom bought things from Safeway that were "practically free" when you also got movie tickets. By accident the cashier gave her 4 tickets (about 9 bucks each) for her 45 dollars worth of stuff. This is only greed which pushes you to buy stuff you don’t need and really the tickets are free, not the food. Greed is a big time problem and many have it including me. What I really want though is to be rich with a loving family and my hobbies to look after. It’s so hard to try and fit in these days that sometimes I just want to stop and take a break. Off topic but here’s asituation that haopened to me awhile back in 8th grade. I went to my science classroom and about half way through we had to get out our textbooks. Not a problem until a punk mexican came and took my book right out from under me. What the hamster brain does he think he’s doing? If I wasn’t 5 ft. 2 in. and 105 lbs. I’d kick his til he cried uncle. Anyway, I went over and asked "Why do you think you’re so tough?" He just laughed and said, "You want to fight me?" I said why and dead legged him to loosen his grip like an idiot and he punched me like a little kid. I shook it off and got another book. Boy I hate it when I get picked on, but I’ll save him for later. I hope his Dad gets deported and never comes back again. Not to be racist if anyone thinks that, but in this case, he deserves to go to hell. He did things like this all the time. Thanks, Alec

07/08/08  12:42am


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  Message To: Reptililian Boy   In reference to Message Id: 1786579

 B C . carbon tax refund cheque

There is no free $, somebody somewhere, had to get his (or her) butt out of bed and go to work to earn it.

Greed, the desire to have more, is a very human trait. This trait makes Communism fail utterly everywhere it has been tried. Even Socialism is a de-humanising system. It will make people dependant on the largess of others (Gov’t) for their needs. Everytime.

07/09/08  08:13pm


Reptililian Boy
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  Message To: DuckMonster   In reference to Message Id: 1788980

 B C . carbon tax refund cheque

I agree


07/09/08  11:04pm


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  Message To: Reptililian Boy   In reference to Message Id: 1789197

 B C . carbon tax refund cheque

well then, there is hope for you. Not much hope for the world, as it is bent on ’victimhood’ and ’What will Gov’t give me?’

07/10/08  08:50pm

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