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 RIP George Carlin

Rest in Peace George Carlin. You were an irreplaceable comedian, a legend for many, and greatly influential to every comedian that came after you. You also made many of us think about politics, religion and social issues a little bit differently.

And I’ll never be able to hear the name Todd in the same way.

06/23/08  02:15am


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  Message To: Dagobert   In reference to Message Id: 1770315

 RIP George Carlin

WOW! This is the first I am hearing about his death. I use to waitress and my of my regulars looked identical to George Carlin.

06/23/08  10:16am


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  Message To: Angelkitty   In reference to Message Id: 1770480

 RIP George Carlin

What a great guy,RIP GC.

06/25/08  07:57pm


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  Message To: Addicted   In reference to Message Id: 1773590

 RIP George Carlin

One of the funniest and most prolific comedians of all time, and a complete pain in the to those who thought freedom of speech was never supposed to be used. Even when I didn’t even agree with what he was ranting about, which is going to happen with anyone sometimes, George was my kind of American. First heard the guy when I was 14, was immediately on the ground laughing, and am lucky to have overlapped lifetimes with him.

07/05/08  01:51am

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