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 Question about electricity

i already own two aquariams with a ball python and a bibron gecko, and im considering adding a new member to my little herp family, either a bearded dragon or a leopard gecko, im just wondering, is adding another herp gonna make my electric bill sky rocket? im already using heat pads and day bulbs for both herps i have and i plan on doing it with my new one. any estimates on price would be grateful

05/14/08  07:47pm


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  Message To: Herpster   In reference to Message Id: 1735563

 Question about electricity

it depends how much electricity your using

05/15/08  02:03am


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  Message To: Smcmillan1997   In reference to Message Id: 1735942

 Question about electricity

we had a thread similar to this on another forum, and i believe the general consensus was about $50

05/16/08  12:28pm


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  Message To: Fire4life   In reference to Message Id: 1737246

 Question about electricity

bulbs and ceramics suck up electricity,heat panels are the most efficient.I’m not sure what one cage would add but i have a room full of snakes and i pay a ton.

05/16/08  10:06pm


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  Message To: Addicted   In reference to Message Id: 1737843

 Question about electricity

electricity varys all around the usa you pay more living in certain places. I live in south carolina and I have about 15 vision cages all with radiant heat panels and light bulbs and also 3 animal plastic cages with belly heat and light bulbs and a animal plastic rack system with belly heat. plus a few aquariums and mine is always around 60-150 depending on what time of year it is. Air conditioiners on the other hand will kill your power bill lol

05/17/08  04:34pm


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  Message To: Denial9945   In reference to Message Id: 1738374

 Question about electricity

A beardie will run your bill up more than a leo. Not only is there more cage to heat, but they’re baskers, and running heat bulbs costs more than a mild heat mat and small daytime striplight will.
The cheapest lizard to heat that I know of is a crested gecko. They like it in the low 70s. Also, they eat mostly fruit, in very small amounts, and if it gets a little over-ripe they consider that a plus, so it’s not like you’re giving them one piece of something and having the rest go to waste. Personally, I happen to think leopards are cuter than cresteds, but if longterm cheapness of maintenance is a factor, just mentioning it. But then, if you’re like me and would have to start running the AC just to have a crested, that sort of ruins the whole frugality appeal...

05/19/08  12:22am

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