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 Heating query


I have a 2 ft ish bp in a wooden viv, 2ft by 1.5ft x 1.5ft, currently heated via a 40Watt buld, giving temps of 90ish on warm side and 83ish on cool side.
Humidity is a constant 50 - 55%

He is feedin fine and a very healthy, happy snake!

Im about to build him a new 3ft tank and i want to move away from a light buld heat source and use an UTH.

What is the best way to do this coz im a bit concerned about the snake being able to come in direct contact with the UTH? Clearly the UTH cant go under a wooden viv as the heat wouldnt transfer through the wooden botttom!! SOOOO....... how do i use an UTH in a wooden viv? bp are suseptible to thermal burns right?

Again the viv will be wooden, with glass (locked!!) front sliding doors, substared of wood chippings and all his usual ’decor’ - hides, water bowls, foliage etc.

Ill try and get some pictures of Howard and his tank as soon as i get some time!

Anyone help me??


05/12/08  09:34am


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 Heating query

Well I find UTH are not effective, I suggest using a ceramic bulb because it’s more efficient than normal infra/basking light, last up to a couple of years and emit no light.

05/13/08  06:31pm


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  Message To: Computerkid26   In reference to Message Id: 1734391

 Heating query

I like undertank heaters better, still with strip lights for a healthy day/night cycle, of course. I used to be all about basking lights, figuring warm air and radiant heat was just inherantly more natural, but, for snakes at least, I didn’t get good year-round feeders until I switched over to UTHs. But, anyway, yes, you can use them under wood. Glass gets just as hot as the heater itself, and they’re built to use under glass that has paper or wood shavings in it, so a big sturdy block isn’t going to burst into flames. People use them under Rubbermaids and I’ve never even hard of one melting plastic. The light bulb or CHE is actually the bigger fire hazard.

05/14/08  02:33am

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