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my bearded dragons were mating and the male didint get his penis all the way is which gave me a view of it, and when i was looking at it blood just started pouring out... ALOT there was seman in it too but there was alot of blood

i called ALL the vets within 50 miles of me that would look at a lizard but they either are in surgury, or are at a zoo.....

one place would look at him but it was a 500 dollar down payment for a guy who has NO experience with reptiles at all...

in the blood i noticed a chunk of something but its really dark and NOT hard. wat could be happening??? i have no were to take him =[

they are seperated now by the way. and i do not intend on using him for breeding purposes anymore

please dont tell me wat i did wrong, just wat i can do right.

04/30/08  03:47pm


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Why dont you post this on the bearded dragon forum?

05/01/08  06:53am

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