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 The most annoying thing >_<

I feel so bad for my pets! Right above the pet room is a couple and the man up there sings EVERYDAY and you can hear it just fine. The walls here suck so you can hear everything
He’s a tenor but has NO EAR so while he’s warming up everyone down here has to listen to his start off flat, then go really sharp. AHH
I sing so someone who sings very loud very poorly really bothers me.
To top it off every couple of days him and this other guy do karaoke RIGHT above this room...
He’s singing right now...if I can find a way I’m going to record it so you guys can hear how terrible it is...
I mean it’s good to enjoy singing...but I think someone like him should at least be able to realize it doesn’t sound good. Sometimes if he doesn’t have music playing and he’s warming up I’ll go to the vent that’s connected to each apartment and sing with him hoping that maybe he’ll hear how off he is lol.
Now the trumpet guy next door...he’s tolerable...but this
Just had to share this...

04/21/08  10:16pm


Gottee guy
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  Message To: MissSkyTheGecko   In reference to Message Id: 1711902

 The most annoying thing >_<

you should scream really loud while he’s asleep one night and start singing gay songs.

04/22/08  10:04pm


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  Message To: Gottee guy   In reference to Message Id: 1712976

 The most annoying thing >_<

start a band and have practice at ur house

04/24/08  05:41pm


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  Message To: Dane_Zoo   In reference to Message Id: 1715040

 The most annoying thing >_<

Right above my snake room, on the 3rd floor apartments, there is afamily that has a kid, that jumps on the bed. All I hear is a constant thump. This is happening right as we speak. Erg. Hey, the kid can keep a beat tho... anooying as heck tho.


05/01/08  06:18pm

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