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Jaymin   Eris  

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 Looking for easy to care for Herps

Hello. I have a 20 gallon tank and am looking for a smaller herp (nothing over 1 foot) that can live in it. I was thinking green anoles, but I’m not sure if you’d consider low care. I know a lot will say leopard geckos, but I already have one in another tank, and I don’t want another at the moment. Any very low care reptiles for 20 gallon tanks? Thanks.(I am later buying a veiled chameleon in a bigger screen cage, and I have this unused 20 gallon)

07/26/17  02:14pm


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  Message To: Jaymin   In reference to Message Id: 2320911

 Looking for easy to care for Herps

I would agree that anoles are not truly low maintenance, due to their humidity, heat, and UV requirements. Depending on if it’s a standard 20 gallon or a 20 long...I’d suggest some sort of gecko, like a crested or gargoyle. I also had a fire skink who was awesome, although burried most of the time, he loved eating out of my hand as well as being held.

07/29/17  07:19pm

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