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 Frill dragon

Was wandering if someone could help me..I just registered for this site and not sure how to use it..but my question is this, I am new owner of Beardie and frill..I have the 18x18x24 terrarium..I have humidity and heat gauges in top and bottom. I have monsoon programmable sprayer with 2 nozzles with 100 watt basking light and 5.9 high output UVB light.. The problem is the humidity in bottom of cage is staying at 90 and around 70 for heat and in the top it is around 45 humidity and 92 in basking spot. I cannot get humidity regulated and am afraid she is gone to get sick. I have the nozzles for the monsoon attached at top of cage and had bowl of water in bottom but have since taken that out trying to get humidity under using reptile safe green carpeting in bottom . Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?......

08/05/14  02:10pm

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