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  USARK Vital Economic Survey

Georgetown Economic Services (GES) has been hired by USARK to do the first comprehensive economic assessment ever done on the Herp Industry. This is very important because to date the economic data that has been portrayed by US Fish & Wildlife Service and Animal Rights advocates have been fundementally flawed and a gross underestimate. This is a chance to "Set The Record Straight". It will continue to be a vital tool in establishing the Herp Industry as a real and independant industry with real power as an economic engine. The trade in high quality reptiles must be demonstrated to be the valueable piece of the American economy that it is. Please participate by reading the letter from GES below, fill out the survey/s and forward to anyone else who might be able to contribute. Thank you!

Andrew Wyatt/ President USARK

Dear Industry Member,

Georgetown Economic Services is conducting a survey on the reptile industry on behalf of the United States Association of Reptile Keepers. The purpose of this survey is to provide a profile of the U.S. reptile industry, including a description of the size, scope, and flow of the reptile trade across the United States. The information that you provide will not be shared with anyone outside of GES. Your data will be kept highly confidential and used only in compiling aggregate figures for the industry profile. GES will not report individual companies’ sales and expenditures.

If you have not been called or written to by Georgetown Economic Services please click on the link below that best applies to your business.

If your business is involved in promoting reptile shows, select the following link:

For all other businesses, please select the following link:

Both of these surveys should take about five to ten minutes to complete. If you have any questions, please feel free to write or call me at 202.719.6033.

Thank you,

Ariel Collis

Ariel H. Collis | Economist
Georgetown Economic Services, LLC

ph: 202.719.6033 |f: (202) 342-8451

10/19/10  10:42pm

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