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 A question of price

I purchased my beautiful Ball Python because we had instantly bonded. It was love at first site and I would have paid almost anything. I will never sell my beautiful baby, however I wonder if maybe I might have underpaid for him? I bought him at about 3 months old and paid $70.00 I really have no idea what snakes go for but 70 seemed cheap.
he also has a pattern in his scales.... of a perfect human skull. This looks like a picture of a skull in one of my medical books and is perfect down to the "holes" for the eyes. Isn’t this one of those rare things that make him worth more? Just curious at what they usually go for and what you think I should have been charged.
Like I said, I will never sell my beautiful Jasper, but even I didn’t notice the skull when I got him.. I was looking less at pattern and more at health factors. However, I feel if the seller had known about the skull, they may have charged more. What do you think?

02/06/09  07:29pm


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  Message To: Luoya   In reference to Message Id: 1948400

 A question of price

you didnt underpay, trust me, the man i buy my ball pythons from are $30 and thats an ok price (he is a great breeder, beautiful snakes)! and these skulls, most breeders call them "Alien Heads" but you can refer to them as skulls :) they are a pattern found in normal ball pythons not EVERY normal ball, but there not extremely rare eathier and they may jack up breeders prices 5-10 bucks.

so trust me Luoya you didnt underpay :))


03/16/09  11:14pm

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