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 Any advice for the new?

Hello! While I’ve always loved reptiles (for that matter, all animals) I am now able to really get into it. Why? Because my mom has the most amazing dislike for them and has prevented me, aside from learning (and even then I’ve been yelled at and called a weird tomboy!), from owning the animals I so admire. Sometimes I’ve been able to "push" her into letting me get some reps throughout my life such as an anole lizard I caught when I was younger, a turtle, and a blue tongue skink (which I will actually be getting in a few days).
Now, because I will soon be old enough to have my own place I can actually go further in what I love doing. Of course as someone going to be hassled with college and living in an apartment, I can’t go too crazy with owning herps!

But I would love to hear what other people who have been hobbyist and herpers for years have to say for someone new to the hobby.

06/11/08  05:17pm


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  Message To: Crystanimal   In reference to Message Id: 1758095

 Any advice for the new?

I know this post is lik forever old but.... I’d start with a beardie they are soooooooo sweet and they come in so many colors and there not terribly hard to care for and they are so much fun to have. corn snakes are really east to take care of and are sooooooooooooo cute!!!


07/20/08  01:20am


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  Message To: Crochunter44   In reference to Message Id: 1802717

 Any advice for the new?

IMO, for the situation that you are in, I would suggest a gecko, as most of the do not have specific lighting or heat requirements. A beardie needs UVB lighting, and moderately high basking temps, plus they need a relatively large enclosure for them to move around and stay healthy. Most gecko’s can be safely kept in a 20gal aquarium, maintained at aprox. 70*. I would suggest researching something like a crested or leopard gecko. But thats just my opinion.

08/21/08  07:44am

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