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Malaki   Angelkitty  
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 Tank info

i have got a 3ft tank with no top and i own a ball python and as you n they escape artests and i dont no what top to put on it or can you buy one for itas he needs a biger tank so any help will be go so plz can any one replay thanks jimmy

01/25/08  02:58pm


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  Message To: Malaki   In reference to Message Id: 1593931

 Tank info

How many gallons? You should be able to find a screen that fits at the petstore. I have a 50 gallon and it was tough to find a screen but I found one that actually folds in half but it was twice as big as what I needed but when it is folded in half it fits perfectly. If you can not find a screen at the petstore, you could also get a screen door from Home Depot and put it on top?!

01/28/08  01:35pm

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