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Turtle addict
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 Been gone awhile...

I was here before and got lost! lOL I am back and hope to learn some new stuff and maybe help out some other members! Along with making a few friends! lOL I am a 33 year old female in Orlando Florida and I share my home with 1 blue tongue skink Sapphira, 3 iguanas- MoJo, Monster and Yoda, 2 bunnies- FuFU and Fluffy, a conure bird- Buddy, as well as 33 turtles and tortoises- 11 red ears, 1 red belly cooter, 1 red belly/peninsula cooter hybrid, 1 peninsula cooter,1 yellow belly slider,2 sulcata,2 ornate woods, 1 melanistic slider,1 three striped mud,1 Russian,2 Japanese pond,1 black wood,2 three toe boxies,2 reeves,1 African helmeted sideneck,2 Fl boxies, and then there are two kids and one understanding other half! LOL Ask any questions and I will gladly answer them!

07/25/07  09:25pm

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