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 Amyone own their own petstore?

Hey everyone!

My uncle and my dad are going into the pet store business. The store is going to be open by Sept. 1st, hopefully! Most of it is just supplies, but we do have a large fish section [my uncle is a marine biologist, whose retired, so he NEEDS fish, lol]

Im in charge of small animals and reptiles/amphibians.

Im set with the small animals, but I was wondering, anyone ever contact Exoterra, JurassiPet, and other reptile manufacturers about wholesaling their products? If we could get a hand on the exoterra tanks, wed be the only one in our area to have them.

07/10/07  02:22pm


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  Message To: X_xbirdie   In reference to Message Id: 1353159

 Amyone own their own petstore?

If you have your wholesalers liscense for the shop you need to go about contacting certain companies and buying the products wholesale to retail within your business. There are plenty of good companies out there to go through for various products to stock your store with. Been there done that!

ES Tropicals

07/11/07  02:32pm

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