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 Anyone in NJ

Which county do you live?
What animals do you own?
I live in Bergen County.
I own 3 anoles, and 2 dwarf hamsters.

10/28/06  07:40pm


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  Message To: Smckenna62   In reference to Message Id: 1039615

 Anyone in NJ

I live in middlesex county South Brunswick NJ
I have 3 Dogs
3 cats
7 cockatiels
6 Zebra finches
2 Parakeets
1 canary
3 Red eared sliders
1 Chilean rose hair tarantula
1 Red tail boa
1 Savannah monitor
and like 7 fish

07/25/07  12:20am


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  Message To: Craigh   In reference to Message Id: 1373413

 Anyone in NJ

i live in Burlington co.
i have 2 green anoles
1 green basilisk

08/24/07  12:50pm


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  Message To: Die   In reference to Message Id: 1417451

 Anyone in NJ

Sussex County
Barn full of rabbits
1 dog
2 cats
1 anole
1 pacman
1 hamster
Soon to have a russian tort.

08/28/07  09:30am

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