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Lady Mudpuppy   Getscared  

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Lady Mudpuppy
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 What in the World is it??

I have an amphibian which is supposedly an Amphibian Dinosaur Baby. I have noticed that he(I believe it is a he) has similar characteristics shared with Mud puppies and axolotls. He is a greenish brown with a very long tail and black spots. He has a grayish creamy underside that has spots as well. If you could help please do!!!

12/11/11  10:51am


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  Message To: Lady Mudpuppy   In reference to Message Id: 2246799

 What in the World is it??

Most likley an axlotl. People sell them with the title of dinosaur baby to appeal to children. Then parents buy them having no idea what species they have or how to care for them. I saw them last year at the fair for sale like that. Do you have pics? I’m sure someone could tell you exactly what you have :)

12/14/11  07:42am

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