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 New Sulcata Owner

I was curious as to if there was anyone patient enough to give me some advice on our new Sulcata Tortoise. I have spent 5 hours online pouring over web page after web page that all contradict each other and the mini care sheet that the pet store printed and gave us. The size they get to I understand the habitat and diet for an approximately 1 month old hatchling I’m having issues with. Some say sand but I know from having lizards that’s not usually accurate. I’ve read bed-a beast with top soil mixture on a few sites yet others saying thats to much humidity. I cannot see how keeping a small water dish in the enclosure we have will raise the humidity to high, I feel guilty not keeping at least a small constant supply of water readily available. The required temperatures are another issue... when you have sites ranging from keep your tank any where from 75-85 degrees and those temperature ranges on those sites all varying to the extent of keeping it 95- 100- 103- 110 degrees I don’t want to cause our little Turbo problems. Also I picked up Zoo Med Natural Grassland Tortoise Food since it was a compressed grass type food. It includes Oat, Timothy, and Alfalfa along with Dandelion Greens, Yucca, and "other plants that tortoises love" THEN I read Alfalfa isn’t good for them...
I’m so confused right now... PLEASE HELP ME CLARIFY THE REAL TRUTHS! I want to do the best by our little one! Thank you for your help!

10/24/11  02:59pm

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