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Hey i was wondering if anyone knew any places in the poconos or around that area where you can catch interesting reptiles and amphibians like toads or newts by a lake or a park where animals can be taken not like a wildlife reserve or state park mor like a small area where you can find them im going on vacation there so just wondering.Thanks!!!

05/03/11  08:30pm


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It’s been a week since I got out of the Pine Barrens (did not see anything but lizards and toads near Fowler). We decided to take a trip to the Poconos Mountains for some herping. We were hiking for hours and saw nothing until I got my mom, dad, and I went into an open field, rocky. As we walked past a dead patch of bushes, I heard the unmistakable buzz.

about ten feet away, a male rattlesnake colorful wood slid from the high pastures. I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures while avoiding the spear he threw me. I did not pick up the snake because it was too aggressive. When I moved, the boy curled in the famous "I’ll kill you" pose. It was worth the drive.

09/23/11  06:54am

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