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Let me get straight to the point :-)

Any suggestions on what would be best to put in a viquarium. My dad and I just bought a Tetrafauna Viquarium but it’s empty until we know what will work best.

12/12/10  08:37pm


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What size is the tank. And If I’m not mistaking thats a half and half tank right? If so, I’d put Fire Belly toads in a Half and Half tank.. They are active, fun to watch, cheap pets to raise, and easy to maintain.

Cheers! Cody.

01/13/11  09:31pm


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Installation and configuration of your new Viquarium

Start by checking all the parts for assembly are included in the package. Viquarium includes:
3-Piece Decorative Viquarium (2-piece of the waterfall and the Riverbank Assembly)
2-piece extension Riverbed
(2) ReptoFilter Media Cartridges
(3) Tapas
(2) rubber spacers
80 gph pump
Determine the final placement of decorative Viquarium filter in your aquarium.
Waterfall and place Riverbank Assembly in the desired location. Place two pieces of extension cord to connect Riverbed waterfall and Riverbank Assembly. Tip: Use rubber includes spaces where necessary to ensure the desired placement.
Media outlet (connected to the top of the cascade of the Assembly) to the discharge opening of the pump. Tip: Lubricate the tube with water and adapters for easy mounting of the pump tube.
Place the pump mounted on the bottom portion of the cascade Viquarium.
Rinse cartridge filters under cold tap water to remove carbon dust.
Insert the filter cartridge into the slots on both sides of the Riverbank Assembly and slide all the way down until it snaps into the bottom .*
Tapas place in fall and Riverbank Assembly.
Decorate the aquarium and fill with water until the water level is between the minimum and maximum line (indicated levels in the side of the filter). Use dechlorinator every time you add water to the tank.
Connect the filter and create a drip loop.
When installing the smoke machine (not included), make sure there is always at least 2 inches of water in the well. Be sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions.
* Replace filter cartridge every two weeks or sooner for optimal performance.

2-piece cap cascade Assembly measures 8 "x 6" deep x 11 "high
2-piece extension Riverbed (assembled) measures 12 "x 3-1/2" wide
Assembly of banks with cover measures 11-1/2 "x 5-1/2" x 6-1/2 "high

09/22/11  07:09am

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