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Shadow Hunter
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 What is it?

I’m afraid I couldn’t get a picture, but my sister found what I believe is a salamander. It was a few inches long and a grayish, pale color with what appeared to be really light small yellow spots on its side, but that could have just been part of the coloring rather than actual spots, and we were looking at it with a flashlight. We couldn’t get a good look at it, but it’s near Salem, Oregon. I tried looking it up but couldn’t find anything that looked like it. Any information is welcome.

12/11/10  09:53pm


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  Message To: Shadow Hunter   In reference to Message Id: 2192228

 What is it?

Long-toed Salamander:

Oregon Ensatina Salamander:

Yellow Spotted Salamander:

Them are just a few I had In mind and found doing a little research. Let me know If any of those resembles the one you and your sister found.

Best of Luck! Cody.

01/13/11  09:40pm

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