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 Do you know of any animals with medical problems?

Do you own or know of an animal with a persistent medical condition or an embarrassing behaviour problem?

Perhaps you’ve got a lizard with a worrying lump or bump? Or snake with painful a skin condition?

Maybe you keep spiders and you’d like a vet to take a look at one of them? Perhaps your parrot is out of control and you desperately need some behavioural advice?

Perhaps you have a really unusual pet and your local vet doesn’t have the experience to treat it?

Channel 4 is looking for all these and more for a brand new television series. If you’d like a free consultation, advice and possibly even treatment from some leading animal experts whilst simultaneously helping to raise awareness about these conditions then get in touch.

Please email us with a detailed description of your pet, their name and problem, plus a phone number to contact you on to .uk or call 0121 224 8314

07/29/10  11:15am

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