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WT NolaN   Amphibianguy  
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WT NolaN
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 African bull

As a kid my dad helped me raise a few different reptiles one of them being a African bull frog named Jaws, Jaws grew at a rapidly we originally thought it was a pretty "normal pet store frog", until we found out it was African bull (my dads bad on poor research). I being a kid fell in love with the frog because he was "huge" and vary aggressive so no one would handle the frog besides me, we kept Jaws for a total of 5 years, when he passed he was a bit smaller then a American league pro football (have a few pics to prove it if anyone doubts me). I truly miss this frog and was wondering if any kind soul could direct me to a reliable site, thanks....

03/23/10  01:50am


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 African bull

just go to Petsmart. It is listed as a Pixie Frog but it really is an African Bullfrog.

06/08/10  04:49pm

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