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 Taking in 2 Adult Unwanted RES

Yes, it might be a double post. But right now the turtles section is very inactive.

Hello there! My turtle obsessed sister took in two adult RES for somebody who no longer wanted them and weren’t properly caring for them. She already has two baby turtles (in a different tank) and I’ve decided to give them a forever home. I already have a huge custom made enclosure (3 ft x 3.5ft x 4 ft tall). I want to do half water and half land, but I have a few questions.

She said that small gravel is bad for them, and that these two were pooping out coloured gravel for weeks after bringing them home. Is that true?

She’s had some problems getting them to eat, but said that they’re now eating small guppies. Do you have any suggestions incase I run into the same problem?

For the land side, is it okay to use pure soil with a top layer of cocofibre? I want to plant some dandelion in their enclosure for them.

My sister also told me that they shouldn’t have much in the way of decorative stuff, like rock formations, etc. Now this kind of makes sense to me because of their size and potential shell damage, but what is and isn’t okay?

Anything else you can add would be great, thanks. I know all of the basics (lighting, temps, vitamins, filtration, etc).

02/01/10  07:24pm


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  Message To: Pans Lair   In reference to Message Id: 2119502

 Taking in 2 Adult Unwanted RES

When you say adult, how big exactly are we talking? RES can get up to around 12-14" across the carapace if I remember correctly and would need more space actually than what you have, especially with how you’re wanting to do their enclosure. What I would recomment doing is buying one of those kiddie pools that are like 15-20 bucks (the big plastic ones) and making their enclosure out of that. as far as substrate and whatnot goes I imagine you could use any sort of soil substrate provided that it’s parasite free and won’t mold with humidity, and congrats on your new pets.

02/05/10  08:10pm

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