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 5 wild saltwater hermit crabs - help?

So I picked up my 7 year old brother from the bus stop after his feild trip to the ocean (note that we have no oceans near by so they traveled a ways away) and he pulls a hermit crab out of his pocket that he took from the beach. I come to find out he stole 5! Luckly I still had a travel carrier from when we had hermits a few years ago but I sold all the other stuff.
So I but my beta’s rocks in there but thats all I have. Would beta food work for now? I know they drink from a sponge to so would a normal sponge work? If I wasn’t so tight on money I’d buy whatever they needed so what will work for now?

05/26/09  09:42pm


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  Message To: Maggie_Mae   In reference to Message Id: 2011616

 5 wild saltwater hermit crabs - help?

Well I had a hermit crab and in there cage you should put shells for them so if they grow they will change shells so don’t worry if your hermit crab is out of the shell just put bigger shells in good luck

07/05/09  06:07pm


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  Message To: Momo12191   In reference to Message Id: 2034460

 5 wild saltwater hermit crabs - help?

They need salt water, and to submerge themselves in salt water. Sorry to say, but those aren’t the easiest to care for.

08/05/09  10:26pm

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