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OK, my friend and neighbor found a blue spotted salamander!!! They are not seen often in michigan, and it was running around and they caught it.

I have it in a ten gal. with a layer of pebbles, Asian moss,dirt,peat moss, and Asian moss (starting from the bottom).there is a part of the tank that has only pebbles and has a half inch of water in it. IT is not a container, there is just a half inch of water on the whole floor,but that is the only place they can submerge in. It is at the moment sharing its tank with a pair of spring peepers and a wood frog. Is that acceptable? It would seem that it would be OK, but I wasn’t sure about it so I wanted to be sure. They are getting along so far.

I am hoping to get a 29 gal. for them because we find wood frogs all the time and we could get a few and put them and have them breed, then release the babies

10/18/08  07:35pm


Joe smoe111
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first off the wild caught salamander is probably sprerading parasites to its tank mstes (it should have been quarintined for a month) and also its not safe in the tank with other species of amphibian or reptile.

im not trying to be rude or anything just saying this for you and the animals benifit. ~)

11/15/08  05:18pm

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