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my aquatic yellow bellie got out of her cage!!! so now shes somewhere in my backyard! my back yard isent TOO big.and it has a chain link fence around it.i dont think she can escape from my back yard,so i still think shes in there somewhere.the bad thing is theres alot of tall grass a pond (which im pretty sure shes not in,and a BIG shed that she can crawl under.

SO my question is do you think i still have a chance in finding her? do you have any tips on how to trap her safely or lure her out of where ever she is? oh and some helpful info is this happened 2 days ago and shes about as big as my palm stretched out.

if you can help me in any way ,please cantact me.i love my turtle sooooooo much! and i really want to find her and bring her home

05/21/08  06:21pm


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  Message To: Ballpythongirl   In reference to Message Id: 1742592


you can put food on the ground and leave it their and see if it is gone in the moring...

05/24/08  11:02pm


Gottee guy
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  Message To: Amyers   In reference to Message Id: 1745510


a raccoon would more likely eat the food.

06/10/08  11:33am

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