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Say About a year ago, My mother and Younger Brother found a wild toad in our back yard. Although My Identifying skills aren’t great we believe it is a California toad. Well My Mother ended up keeping it. I see dozen of the same type of toad up in the mountains behind my house so it most certainly lives and thrives out here. Now my Mother wants to know if it is safe to release it. I honestly think it be the most fair for the toad But I’m unsure if it can survive after getting "free" food for a year. The toad is very fat and eats good. Now is it safe, or would you not recommend re-releasing the toad?

Thanks For all help!

05/03/08  09:51pm


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  Message To: KiruSama   In reference to Message Id: 1724433


It might be okay, but I would not recomend it. After a year, it most likely has lost the ability to go for long periods without food, not sying their would be, but you never know. I’d keep it after that amount of time.

05/03/08  10:15pm


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  Message To: Zeek_the_Ball_Python   In reference to Message Id: 1724454


You shoud start feeding it less like for a couple of months or weeks to make it lose weight then relaese the outdoors is where its real home is!

06/08/08  05:46pm

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