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 Fish cruelty

I know that this was a while back, but i just remembered and thought it was important because it will no doubt continue. I went to Wal-mart around valentines day with my friend. We decided to go to the pet section to get her parrakeet some pellets. They had fish set up (in much the same way that pets-mart does) We were looking at them, and many had severe eye infections and skin rot (i dont know if that is wat you call the skin condition, but that is what it looked like) Me and my friend were infuriated, but it only go worse. We kept looking, and we saw some white mollies with the same conditions, only the mollies had pink and purple hearts and poka-dots on their sides. We have no idea how they were put there, but they were more sickly than any of the other fish. It was as if someone had plucked them out of the tank and drawn on them with non-washable marker. Wal-mart is now on my boycott list (not that i have much of a list, lol)

01/09/08  08:33pm


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  Message To: Im_slang_inisials714   In reference to Message Id: 1574843

 Fish cruelty

You could call the Wal-Mart hot line to let them know what you seen with their fish. I called in about the fish at the Wal-Mart in my area and a few weeks later they had cleaned up their act. I didn’t see any marked on fish but did see really sick fish in awful water that really smelled. Hope that helped. Oh BTW it helps if you have the store number. You can get that by calling them and asking for it.

01/13/08  02:53pm


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  Message To: Lelareed4   In reference to Message Id: 1577072

 Fish cruelty

the mollys with the hearts are called tattoo mollys

04/02/08  06:25pm


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  Message To: Madcowgreen   In reference to Message Id: 1686757

 Fish cruelty

Well i know me and a bunch of friends (other animal/fish lovers) got together and insisted on seeing the head manager and spoke to them about the fact that they could not continue treating living animals like that it was cruel. They cleaned up their act temporarily. when it happened again we did our research and contacted the owner. about a week later all the fish were gone and they haven’t had any in there since ... they have now taken the tanks out... they really don’t like the idea of bad press and sick fish being left to die slowly cause they are not being cared for is not something they don’t want to be known by.

04/25/08  07:41pm


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  Message To: Whiskeygirl   In reference to Message Id: 1716344

 Fish cruelty

I grew up in the military and so have seen many wal marts in my time and you wouldnt believe this, EVERY wal mart fish department looks the same, dead fish floating around in every tank, most had the sickness were spots were attached to them and nothing was obviously being done. I will actually not buy any fish from wal mart, theres a good chance there sick and or will die soon. I especially hate the way they house there bettas, that goes along with most pet stores though I guess, tiny little bowls with no swimming space. ya i know there natural habitat are rice patties but come on, i bet they can atleast swim a little in there, unlike the tiny bowls most people keep them in.

10/31/09  12:47pm

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