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 NEWTS WANTED........=)........


Iím new to this forum (HELLO EVERYONE!!!!!!)&& iím !!!very!!! interested in owning a fire belly or rough skinned newt or newts.

Iíve looked several places near me....Iím unable to travel 90 miles to dallas........and my petstores near me can not order me any...&& also Iíve searched and searched on google,yahoo,and msn but nothing reasonable is coming up.....

I live in Tyler,Tx 75701 && am willing to pay $30 shipped for a newt or two.

I am the current owner of two FBTís(fire belly toads-Jack && Sam),2 ACFís(african clawed frogs-Kedesh && Moose),1 Budgie-Max,and 1 HUMONGOUS Akita-Fat Boy.

Iím very responsible in the care of my critters and always research them in advance to recieving them.I have thoroughly researched both species of newts care and feel iím more than ready to own 1.....

I have a 20 gallon aquatic tank for it with several land areas and hides.Since i own 2 fbtís i have in my posession PLENTY of yummy crickets,waxworms,feeder guppies,&& earthworms.So i have MORE than enough food for it(or them....=]......)

As i said before iíím very interested so anyone...someone reply with some GOOD NEWS...ASAP!!!!!


12/29/07  12:20am

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